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VBG is considered the #1 pioneer in the industry for basketball player development. VBG provides year-round 7 day a week training, with customized progression programs such as private training options, weekly skill development clinics, summer program options, travel team club programs, and more! Our programs are geared toward all ages and all skill levels, starting from beginners and going to advanced level players and professionals.



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VBG Impact is about recognizing student-athletes who are participating in the VBG community, and are displaying outstanding work ethic, hard work and perseverance. These student-athletes give back to their community, succeed in the classroom and on the court, and display the real life lessons that they have learned from VBG.

  • VBG 360 Athletic Exposure Event - TBA
Elemy Colome Jake Rudolph  
Becca Ripley Leonora Ivers  
Terrance Mann    
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